The Grind of Progress

by | May 8, 2020 | Newsletter | 0 comments

After weeks of twists and turns – albeit positive ones – this past week has felt more like a straight road. The grind of progress never slows, but we can now clearly view the horizon. Lingering problems have been met with steadfast solutions. Tests are showing the results we are looking for. Timelines are clearer, and processes are becoming streamlined. 

The Ventilator Project has found its cruising speed, the sweet spot of being agile and adapting to new changes all without drifting off course.


The v4 prototype is functioning smoothly, and nearing a frozen design. Internal testing is well underway, and will be completed by this coming Sunday. We will be moving on to third party validation the beginning of next week.

We’ve also added new safety features, such as alarms. This was one of the last elements essential to having a product with all of the functional necessities. While we are nearing a critical milestone – a frozen product – innovation never ends.  We are still examining innovative features for possible development that could have the potential to evolve current ventilator technology.



The Ventilator Project is moving into a new phase where the focus is sourcing and manufacturing. We have been assigned an FDA agent, who we are in direct communication with, and are bringing in partners to help streamline our submission process.


In less than three days, we received nearly 200 applicants to our brand new internship program. This overwhelming response makes one thing clear: awareness of The Ventilator Project is spreading, and people are continuing to be inspired by its message.


Our fundraising team used the weekend to do a 2 day call-a-thon, raising several thousand dollars. We are almost 75% of the way to meeting our initial fundraising milestone of $100,000! Donations have been a critical part of moving our prototype development and FDA testing forward, as well keeping our hungry on-site crew well fueled. 

If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, please consider it!


Alchemy Imagineering is donating its labor and equipment for fabrication purposes to our efforts. Having access to tool and die machinists greatly helps us to spool up manufacturing at a more rapid rate. 

Another partner is Enzyme, a QMS software company that guides companies through the quality challenges and the regulatory submission process. They are helping us streamline the storage of documents sent to the FDA, track adverse events, record maintenance processes, and gave us a generous supply of  FDA documentation templates. 

Looking Ahead

This weekend is special for multiple reasons. Some of our volunteers are graduating from their universities, and in normal circumstances would be walking at their ceremonies, but can’t due to the public health concerns. Also, Sunday is Mother’s Day, and many cannot go home to their parents to celebrate due to the fear of COVID-19 spread.

Moments like these can be disheartening, a bitter reminder of the sacrifices and changes we’ve had to make in our lives that we never imagined would come to pass. However, we can take pride in knowing that we are taking these losses in stride. We can feel at peace knowing that we labor to make something that can potentially ensure others won’t have to miss these special days themselves.

To our graduates – we are proud, and so excited for your future.

To our mothers – we love you and deeply appreciate all that you do.

And, to our supporters as a whole – thank you for being there with us on this journey. As always, we couldn’t do it without you. 


The Ventilator Project Team


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