We’ve Graduated—From the First Round of Testing!

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Exciting news:
We’ve officially chosen a third-party testing facility, and external testing is slated to begin next week. 

This is a massive step forward. External testing is one of the final phases before we can finally initiate what we’ve sprinted toward for the past six weeks: manufacturing. With the finish line in sight, The Ventilator Project team naturally is experiencing a renewed surge of positivity and enthusiasm.

Here’s what we’ve done in the past week.


Our initial internal testing phase came to completion as of last Sunday. During the process, we found some opportunities for optimization to ensure the success of external validation. These optimizations include updating the expiratory tract, tuning all operations modes to match FDA specifications, and increasing the screen size of the User Interface. Additionally, our engineers updated the alarm circuit, including implementation of different failure modes, less current consumption, and a longer lifespan.

While our current design has full functionality, we continue to look ahead, developing novel features that will further evolve AIRA’s capabilities and functionalities as well as its relevance in the current market. This includes shrinking the design by 30%, along with testing updated housing designs and materials. We’ve also made huge strides in designing and developing our own mass flow sensor. 

In preparation for the upcoming external validation, we are bringing in parts to construct three additional models of the v4 ventilator prototype. As we continue to progress through the testing phase, we are actively preparing in anticipation of the next major step: the manufacturing of our first 100 ventilators. 


 You can expect to see lots of fresh faces joining The Ventilator Project family. In only a week and a half, we’ve received over 700 applications for our summer internship program. This program will provide an essential support system to our current volunteers, while giving those who lost their summer internships due to COVID-19 another chance to gain relevant, meaningful experience.

Our policy focus has expanded to include international commerce and manufacturing laws. This means that we can now address risk management in regards to labor laws, fair pay and practices, safety, sanitation, and working conditions — all critical components in maintaining the ecosystem of operations and the longevity of the company.

This week we also opened up a new division for complete oversight of our Quality Management System, and, with the help of our partner Enzyme, we’ve established an infrastructure for handling adverse events and device maintenance. 

Lastly, many of those involved with The Ventilator Project graduated college this past weekend. Since the ceremonies have been cancelled in light of the pandemic that these volunteers are tirelessly working to fight, we decided to throw our very own graduation right here at the office! 

Congratulations to these talented and passionate graduates. You did it! 


This week’s local hero is East Coast Office Installations, who came to the rescue by kindly donating desks and chairs to our new office. Thank you for supplying us with essential materials that will allow us to work more comfortably and efficiently!

Looking Ahead

Easing into this new phase of development coincides with warmer weather and sunnier days. And, as summer creeps closer and the days get longer, we remain inside. 

There’s still much to be done. The mission is still not complete. Yet we gain ground with every day that passes, and that’s what keeps our days bright.


The Ventilator Project Team


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