Supply Chain Manager

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All opportunities with TVP Health are currently unpaid volunteer positions that will give you a rich and unique opportunity to learn and participate alongside highly regarded industry experts.


TVP Health is a 501c3 nonprofit located at MassRobotics in the Seaport district of Boston. Our mission to simplify complex biomedical products to make them accessible and affordable for all. Our first ventilator, AIRA, was developed to be a universally accessible ventilator that could save the lives of Covid-19 patients experiencing respiratory illnesses worldwide. Current ventilators can cost upwards of $40,000. Our goal is to rapidly prototype, build & ship ventilators built from readily available parts for a fraction of this price, providing hospitals & patients with a cheaper alternative. Everyone deserves a chance to fight COVID19, fight with us. As of March 2021, our AIRA ventilator acquired the FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization).

  • Seek to improve all aspects of the supply chain department by reviewing current
  • methodology and processes
  • Work closely with the other departments to create effective databases to
  • manage and organize
  • inventory
  • Train and instruct other members of the Supply Chain team
  • Maintain a friendly and professional relationship with vendors while promoting
  • company initiatives and values
  • Research and seek out the most cost-efficient shipment procedures and
  • methods
  • Organize and oversee inventory by keeping a detailed database of available
  • inventory and expected usage per project
  • Research partner companies and seek to negotiate best-price contracts to
  • increase business revenue
  • Plan and implement supply chain optimization projects
  • Experience managing and improving supply chain data, information and processes
  • Actively seek to improve all aspects of the supply chain by streamlining steps
  • and locating the best prices for inventory
  • Professional communication skills are essential when conversing and negotiating
  • with vendors
  • Exceptional ability to conceptualize large-picture projects and foresee
  • challenges and needs to be addressed
  • Top-level understanding of all aspects of supply chain processes
  • Ability to research companies and determine the best vendors to reach out to
  • for various projects
  • Experience working in and maintaining databases using Microsoft Excel and
  • others relevant to company processes

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